Yukon | 2022

Larger Than Life

In 2022 I had the privilege of visiting the Yukon, Canada. We arrived in the middle of August with two weeks to explore.

The Yukon's slogan Larger Than Life couldn't be more accurate. With mountain ranges spanning hundreds of kilometers separated by vast tundra environments, it was often difficult to understand the scale of the surroundings. Take extreme weather systems that brought down hail and torrential downpours mixed with high-speed winds that ripped through the valleys and you get the tortured raw landscapes that exist in the North. There were multiple times when the two weeks we had in the North seemed far too long, hiding in our tent from the elements, soaked and cold. But as soon as the wind quieted down and the rain let off a bit I found myself surrounded by incredible beauty. Vast sweeping hills formed by erosion and water. Volcanic spires rising from the Tundra like horns on a demon, frozen in place by the glaciers that trapped their explosive force. And an entire palette of colors all at once. Green through red and back again. All at the same time in a symphony of patterns.

The following are select images from my experience in the North, taken during fleeting moments of calm between aggressive rainfall and winds. 

  • Stunning photos, Geoff. You've captured the magic of Yukon - the wildness, the weather variations, the grand beauty of rugged mountains, old rolling ranges, broad valleys of willow, the swathes of the iconic fireweed and rich fall colours. Your photos created feelings of awe and yearning. You're a talented photographer! Thanks for sharing.

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