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About Dyptre

My name is Geoff, but on the Internet I go by Dyptre

Though currently I live in British Columbia, I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Involved in outdoor activities from a young age I've developed a love for exploring nature and the urban environments around me. Photography has become my way of capturing and cataloging some of the places and moments that have struck me as special.

Dytpre ( \ˈdipˈtir) became the pseudo name I created for my photography online. It stems from the words Dypt and Tre from the Norwegian language, meaning Deep (Dyp) and Tree (Tre). A small homage to both nature and a culture that has been a steward to maintaining the beauty of Earth. I created it as a reminder to myself of the roots that have brought me here and the responsibility I have to these places as well.

My goal with my photography has always been to create art that captures the essence of a scene; maintaining the integrity of the subject while invoking the emotion and spirit felt in that moment. I hope that my art provides you the same joy, excitement, and awe that I've experienced.

For any questions, special requests, or to book a photoshoot, send me a message using the contact form on the menu or the button below.

Thank you for your interest in my work.


Untitled photo

Mothers Embrace

Photos courtesy of Tristan Todd

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